Get the Best Dressing Hints From Fashion Magazines

One of the important factors of a fashion magazine is that it helps to determine why certain materials are used for certain styles. You will find that two or more materials are used at times in styling an outfit. A wise designer planning an outfit for herself will not be inclined towards a material simply because she likes the texture and the fall of the material. This is where fashion magazines help you to select the right kind of material for the design of your choice.

While designing a garment, certain materials are used for certain sections of the garment and not simply whatever may catch your fancy. For example crepes are manufactured to be used for clinging styles and not fluffed up designs. Materials such as taffetas, organdies and crisp batistes are used in suit styles where fluffs are involved, as against the crepes, which are used for the clinging styles. A very important point to be observed is that fabrics are designed to suit styles and styles to suit fabrics.

Color Suggestions

Studying individual designs helps in making the right selection of pattern and material. Then comes the choice of color to be adapted to the lines of the garment and the fabric used. The end result will be a pleasing and appealing garment.

A factor to be considered, though, when choosing colors, is that the color portrayed in the fashion plates will not be an absolute replica of the color produced by the textile manufacturer. Neither would a true outline of the garment as it will appear with fabric, be presented in the magazine by fashion designers.

However, it is possible to get suggestions from the color plates shown in fashion magazines, once you have understood about lines. Keeping this knowledge on lines in mind, you will be able to give prominence to a color that will most effectively bring out the garment. You will be able to bring out the soft, silent tones or tints of a color where desired, while you choose a fabric that will best bring out the lines suggested by the designer in a fashion drawing.

Interpreting Fashions

In the market, you will find a number of fashion magazines that suggest only style tendencies, color and fabric combinations. Such magazines will still be of value, if you have studied patterns and lines. It will help you with ideas and suggestions to incorporate in your garments.

In most cases, you would be able to apply these ideas even more successfully than the artist himself in his drawings. You would be able to bring out the practicability of the garment by adapting it to the material to give a harmonious outline to suit you.

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