How To Find A Fashion Magazine Internship

It’s the job a million girls would kill for – the fashion magazine internship. If you’re looking to get into fashion magazines as a career, an internship is one of the only ways to break into the business, especially if you want to work for a top level fashion magazine like Allure, Elle or the highly regarded Vogue. But the biggest question of all is how to find these highly sought after fashion magazine internships. Here are a few tips for getting your foot in the door.

Go Straight To The Source

One of the best ways to find a fashion magazine internship is to go straight to the magazines themselves. You can call the front desk and ask if there are any openings for interns. Or better yet send a resume and cover letter over on your own. They’ll be impressed about how driven and proactive you are.

Go Straight To The Source…Online

Many of the major fashion magazines are owned by the same company, such as Conde Nast or Time Warner. Their official websites have job searches. Give the search a try, a fashion magazine internship lead just might come up.

Start A Blog

How would you like to be handed a fashion magazine internship without even applying? It doesn’t happen in all cases, but running your own fashion blog can get you great opportunities and recognition. You can also use to show potential employers your writing skills and how dedicated you are to fashion.

Through Your School

If you go to a fashion school it shouldn’t be too hard to find an internship at a fashion magazine through your schools connections, depending on the area you’re in. If you’re not at a fashion school it’s still worth a try and hopefully one of your counselors can track down leads especially for you.

Finding a lead for a fashion internship is actually the hard part, it’s landing the job that’s hard! But you’ve got to take these first steps, and it’s important to search, search, search to find those leads. Good luck!

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